The Alchemy of Success

fifth-element-graphicAncient alchemists combined the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water – in search of the combination that would create gold. Many came to believe that there must be a fifth element – the missing factor that would turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Modern day CEOs might identify with this kind of effort. They work to sustain and grow their organizations, expand market share, stay on mission, and chart overall success by combining their four elements:

  1. Resources: Employees and partners, business infrastructure and technology
  2. Customers: Clients, constituents, donors, patrons, or buyers
  3. Goods: Products and services
  4. Brand: The essence of the experience that the product or service will deliver and the degree to which a customer believes in it.

Some of the time these elements combine effectively and CEOs are able to grow their organizations and be rewarded for their efforts.

Often, however, the combination doesn’t work as well as it could. In these cases many look to Fifth Element Associates. Fifth Element will partner with your organization to examine how your four elements work together, identify gaps and opportunities, and then recommend and implement corrections and adjustments that increase your revenues, margins, and profitability. In other words, we help you create gold.